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Soviets Confirm Military Support for Cuba

Sept. 2, 1962 - The Soviet Union announced today that it had agreed to supply arms to Cuba and to provide technical specialists to train Cuban forces. Moscow said the agreement was made in response to Havana’s request for aid to meet the “threats of aggressive imperialist quarters.” This policy will be continued as long as the threat stands, the announcement said. The Soviet statement was contained in a communiqué issued in Moscow concerning the talks between Maj. Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Cuban Minister of Industry, Premier Khrushchev, and other Soviet leaders. The communiqué did not disclose the quantity or type of armaments to be supplied to Cuba, nor did it say how many military instructors would be sent. The statement was the most emphatic declaration of Soviet military involvement in the Caribbean since Premier Khrushchev implied on July 9, 1960, that Soviet rockets would defend Cuba against any armed invasion.


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