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South Vietnamese Paratroopers Attack Viet Cong in Key Rebel Stronghold

June 29, 1962 - In one of the largest combined operations yet against Communist guerrillas, South Vietnamese paratroopers were dropped this morning by U.S. Air Force planes into a key rebel stronghold in Tay Ninh and Binh Duong Provinces, northeast of Saigon. The latest reports on the major sweep, which is still going on, said the paratroopers had captured nine Viet Cong Communist political officers and seized two rice storage depots and equipment. The sweep is being carried out in the area where the Viet Cong held Specialist George F. Fryett Jr. of the U.S. Army captive for six months. He was released last Sunday. Viet Cong strength in the battle area is estimated to total about 1,500 regular troops, 500 regional forces, and more than 600 village militiamen. The regular and regional units are said to be well trained and equipped.


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