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Six Arraigned as Witnesses in Shooting of Cop, Attempted Strangling of Racketeer

Aug. 21, 1961 - In Brooklyn today, six men were arraigned as material witnesses in the critical shooting of a policeman and the attempted garroting of a racketeer. Four of the men were held in a total of $257,000 bail, including Lawrence Gallo (right), the intended victim of a gangland assassination in a Flatbush restaurant Sunday afternoon. Judge Samuel S. Leibowitz set $100,000 bail on Gallo and a similar amount on Charles Clemenza, owner of the Sahara Restaurant, where Gallo was throttled into semi-consciousness by two unidentified men with a manila cord. As the two men fled, one of them fired a shot into the face of Patrolman Melvin Blei, 35, who remains in critical condition. In addition to Lawrence Gallo, 33, his brother Joseph "Crazy Joe" Gallo (left), 32, was picked up for questioning. Lawrence Gallo maintained in court that he did not "have the slightest idea" who the two men were who had tried to kill him.


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