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Siegel Won't Produce Films with Racial Themes, "Sex Perversion Angles"

Sept. 13, 1961 - Hollywood producer Sol C. Siegel (pictured right) said today that he would not make pictures with racial themes or "sex perversion angles." Mr. Siegel, production chief of MGM, emphasized he had "no taboo against anything." In fact, "such pictures should be made, but," he added, "by someone else." Racial films, as indicated by four MGM pictures that lost money, alienate too large a portion of the box office to justify making them, according to Mr. Siegel. Sex perversion, he thought, will also lose. Art films cannot pay for the MGM studio overhead. Mr. Siegel criticized New York critics for their attacks on films intended for a world-wide mass market. Good reviews, he thought, seem almost to be economic jinxes, whereas a bad review indicates good box office.


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