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Rocky Begins Second Term

Jan. 1, 1963 - New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller began his second term today with an inaugural address that drew attention to his status as a potential candidate for President in 1964. The 54-year-old Republican skimmed lightly over state affairs following a formal oath-taking ceremony in the state capital of Albany. Instead, he talked mostly of the nation’s heritage and the basic challenges it faces, and he pledged “to continue to strive for the best ways to preserve and strengthen our American system.” Rockefeller, described as a liberal and therefore regarded with skepticism by conservative elements in the GOP, appeared to be staking out a middle-of-the-road position for himself. He cautioned voters against being “deluded by slogans and labels.” “Life cannot be oversimplified,” he said, “Conservative, liberal, and progressive are not mutually exclusive concepts. There are important elements of basic values in all three.”


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