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Robert Kennedy to Stay Attorney General but “Plans Could Change”

Nov. 21, 1963 - Robert F. Kennedy said today he planned to remain in his Attorney General’s post. There had been reports he would resign to manage his brother’s 1964 Presidential campaign. “Right now, I plan to stay on this job at least through the election,” he said. The Attorney General said, however, that his plans could change. He also said that remaining on the job as Attorney General would not exclude the possibility that he might do some campaigning for President Kennedy. “I have an interest in who wins,” he said in an interview. He said Stephen Smith, the President’s brother-in-law, is scheduled to manage the President’s re-election campaign. Today’s denial was the third in as many months. But speculation continued that the President would ultimately have his brother as campaign manager as he did in 1960. If such were the case, political sources said, it would be extremely unlikely that the Attorney General would attempt to conduct the campaign while holding his Cabinet post.


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