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Riot in West Berlin on Anniversary of Wall

Aug. 13, 1962 - The pent-up wrath of West Berliners erupted today along the Communist barrier that cut Berlin in two last year. Marchers hurled taunts, stones, and beer bottles across the barricades into East Berlin at several points. Motorists joined in the protests with horn-blowing demonstrations. Communist guards replied to the barrages with tear-gas grenades that sent clouds of smoke rolling over the concrete and barbed-wire wall. During the afternoon, a crowd led by a youth carrying a 12-foot wooden cross along the wall in the American-Sector borough of Kreuzberg drew tear-gas grenades and squirts from a mobile water cannon when they shouted, “We accuse!” at the Communists. The West German police (pictured restraining a demonstrator) reported major clashes at four other sites in the center of Berlin.


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