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Rex Harrison Marries Rachel Roberts in Genoa Amid Chaotic Scene

Mar. 21, 1962 - Rex Harrison married Rachel Roberts, the British actress, today in Italy in a ceremony that shifted abruptly from one room to another. News photographers and onlookers had crowded the room used for weddings in Genoa City Hall. As the ceremony began, bedlam broke out. Mr. Harrison grabbed a camera from a photographer and smashed it against a wall. He then asked the official performing the ceremony to adjourn the proceedings to quieter surroundings. The couple were finally wed in a small adjoining room. Mr. Harrison, who is 54, and Miss Roberts, 34, have been in Rome for several months. The actor, who starred in “My Fair Lady” on Broadway, is playing Julius Caesar in the film “Cleopatra,” starring Elizabeth Taylor. The bride was divorced last July from actor Alan Russell. Mr. Harrison had been a widower since the death of Kay Kendall, the actress, in 1959. He was married twice before.


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