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Rep. Lindsay Meets Constituents in Yorkville

May 30, 1962 - Memorial Day was a day off in Congress, but not for Representative John V. Lindsay (pictured with his wife Mary), Republican of Manhattan. He spent today meeting constituents on the upper East Side. The tall, almost boyish-looking Congressman, who represents the “Silk Stocking” 17th District, toured the Yorkville area, now part of his district. He went from tavern to delicatessen, bakery to grocery, flower shop to social club, chatting with proprietors and customers. The barmaid at the Garden Restaurant on 86th Street east of Second Avenue was dubious. When Mr. Lindsay walked in, offered his hand, and said: “I’m Congressman Lindsay,” she replied: “Yeah, and I’m Kennedy.” But once convinced, she wrote out her name — Madeline Arcadie — so that he could send her literature. A customer in Michael Del Gaudio’s flower shop on First Avenue identified himself as a Democrat, but said he would “vote for a Republican if he was a right guy.” Thomas Lyndon, a customer in Peter Beggi’s bar at 85th Street and First Avenue, promised Mr. Lindsay: “Daddy-o, you’ve now got two votes in my house, anyhow.”


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