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Goldwater Charges Kennedy Administration with "Drifting"

July 14, 1961 - Senator Barry Goldwater charged the Kennedy Administration today with supporting a foreign policy of "drifting," "inaction" and purposeless spending for "outmoded, weak-kneed" objectives. The Arizona Republican spoke in the Senate, delivering a rebuttal to a speech by Senator J.W. Fulbright. Sen. Goldwater sharply challenged Mr. Fulbright's suggestion that unilateral U.S. action against Cuba might alienate Asia, Africa and Latin America and thus be more dangerous than the establishment of Soviet bases in Cuba. Mr. Fulbright's reasoning, he said, is "patently ridiculous." He described it as "another instance of this Government's preoccupation with an ephemeral something called 'world opinion.'" If world opinion were worth courting he said, it would not support communism "with its history of violence, slavery and oppression."


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