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Ramblin' Jack Elliott Plays Gerde's Folk City

July 24, 1961 - Jack Elliott (pictured with his wife June), a vagabond minstrel whose theme has been the song of the open road for nearly half of his 30 years, rambled into Gerde's Folk City last week. Mr. Elliott enjoys the reputation of "the folk singer's folk singer." After four years in England, where he is revered as the most representative American balladeer, Mr. Elliott is back home in his own land. "Home" for Mr. Elliott is difficult to pinpoint. He will say he's from Oklahoma, or Texas, or California, and it's partly true. Although he was born in Brooklyn, the son of a physician, his assumed stance of rural rambler has become a life posture. A Stetson hat, corral gait and lazy drawl round out the "method" portrait.


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