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Profaci Mobster Surrenders

Dec. 13, 1963 - A key figure in the notorious Profaci gang surrendered this morning to the Kings County District Attorney’s office. The police had broadcast a 15-state alarm for him on Wednesday. The fugitive, Carmine Persico (pictured at Bergen Street Station for formal booking), 30 years old, had been sought since Dec. 6, when he eluded a police squad car in downtown Brooklyn. During the chase, Persico or an unidentified companion tossed two .38-caliber pistols from the car. Persico has been referred to as the principal target in the indictment accusing 18 members of the rival Gallo gang of conspiring to murder 22 members of the Profaci gang. One count in the indictment charged that members of the Gallo gang sought to kill Persico and Alphonse D’Ambrosio last May 19 in the battle to control the Brooklyn underworld. Persico was hospitalized for several weeks with gunshot wounds, which paralyzed his right hand. Fifteen of the Gallo gang are still in jail, unable to raise the bail set when they pleaded not guilty last Tuesday to the murder-conspiracy indictment. Lawrence Gallo, the 35-year-old reputed leader, is in the Federal House of Detention finishing a four-month term for Government fraud.


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