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Princess Grace Visits President Kennedy’s Grave at Arlington

Dec. 3, 1963 - Princess Grace of Monaco wept today when she visited the late President Kennedy’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery. The princess made her pilgrimage to the grave site this morning. She arrived in the cemetery in a black limousine accompanied by another woman and a member of the State Department’s office of protocol. The princess walked slowly to the grave where the gate in the picket fence enclosing it had been unlocked and opened for her. As she entered the enclosure, a soldier stepped forward and handed her a large spray of red and white carnations which she placed at the graveside. The princess then knelt, clasped her hands, and bowed her head in prayer. From a nearby hillside, a bugler sounded taps. The princess was visibly moved, and tears streamed down her cheeks. Afterward, she met briefly with President Johnson at the White House. Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy will not meet with the former Hollywood movie star during her brief stay in Washington. Miss Pamela Turnure, press secretary for the former First Lady, said: “Mrs. Kennedy is not receiving any visitors. She wants to be with the family and prepare to leave the White House.”


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