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Prince Rainier Alleged Financial Woes "Nonsense," Says Princess Grace's Secretary

Mar. 21, 1962 - Sources in Monaco today denied a rumor that in returning to moviemaking Princess Grace was helping her husband, Prince Rainier, and his 370-acre country out of financial straits. “It is all nonsense,” declared Miss Phyllis Bloom, the Princess’ personal secretary. “For the past 48 hours,” Miss Bloom added, “we have done nothing but deny all sorts of fantastic rumors about the Princess and her coming film.” Other palace sources laughed off the rumor that the Prince needed money. His principality’s finances are flourishing, they maintained. The just-announced deal, whereby the Princess — Grace Kelly before she was wed to Prince Rainier six years ago — will star in an Alfred Hitchcock picture, “Marnie,” was arranged in November, Miss Bloom said.


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