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Presidential Family Goes to Church

Oct. 27, 1963 - The Presidential family worshiped together at public services today. Mr. Kennedy, his wife, and their two youngsters drove in sunny weather from their new Rattlesnake Mountain home at Atoka five miles to St. Stephen the Martyr Roman Catholic Church in Middleburg, Va. Mrs. Kennedy brought along a number of picture books, one of them “Bambi.” All of the books were looked at during the services. Caroline, who will be 6 one month from today, has gone to church with one or the other of her parents many times. John Jr., who will turn 3 on Nov. 25, had never been taken to public services before. The family was welcomed at the church doorway by the Rev. Albert F. Pereira. The church was nearly filled with about 150 worshipers. Inside the vestibule, the parishioners have hung a picture of the President and Mrs. Kennedy. Each is wearing blue in the picture and it blends in with the blue walls. On the other side of the doorway is a picture of Pope Paul.


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