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President Warns Flight Engineers' Union Not To Strike

June 14, 1962 - President Kennedy issued a stern warning to the flight engineers’ union today to refrain from striking against three major airlines. The Government’s efforts to settle a contract dispute collapsed a few hours before Mr. Kennedy spoke. About 1,700 members of the Flight Engineers International Association were preparing to strike against Eastern Air Lines, Pan American World Airways, and Trans World Airlines, but the union would not disclose exact strike plans. The President began today’s news conference with a stern admonition to the union to settle the issues without striking. Earlier, the union turned down a Presidential proposal to submit its contact dispute to a three-man arbitration panel for a final decision. Mr. Kennedy’s criticism was strongly phrased for a Democratic President talking about a labor union. He may have had in mind accusations made since his attack on steel price increases two months ago that he has been harder on business than on labor.


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