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President’s Youngest Brother Roughed Up in Boston Debate

Aug. 28, 1962 - Edward M. Kennedy waded into his first political brawl last night and emerged a bit roughed up but still standing. The setting was an hourlong debate at South Boston High School between Mr. Kennedy and Edward J. McCormack Jr. Both are seeking the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat once held by the President. The President’s youngest brother heard himself charged with lack of qualifications, maturity, and judgment and was told that if his name were anything but Kennedy, his candidacy “would be a joke.” Mr. McCormack told Mr. Kennedy: “You never worked for a living; you never held elective office; you are not running on qualifications; you are running on a slogan ‘he can do more for Massachusetts.’ This is the most insulting slogan I have ever seen. It says, ‘Vote for this man because he has influence, connections, relatives.’” The Massachusetts primary is Sept. 18.


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