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President’s Sister, Eunice Shriver, to Accompany Him on European Trip

June 19, 1963 - The White House confirmed today that President Kennedy’s sister, Mrs. Eunice Shriver (left), will accompany him on his European trip. Mrs. Shriver, wife of Sargent Shriver, director of the Peace Corps, is not considered a stand-in for Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy, who is staying home because she is expecting a third child in August. However, Mrs. Shriver will be a member of the official party and go to all social functions for President Kennedy that are not stag. The President’s sister is scheduled to go to Germany and Ireland. But there was some uncertainty as to whether she will go with the party to Italy and England as well. In Ireland, the homeland of Kennedy ancestors, Mrs. Shriver will share with the President what is expected to be a tumultuous reception. Mrs. Shriver, 41, one of the five Kennedy sisters, recently has been devoting her time to projects on behalf of mentally handicapped children. She has a summer camp for exceptional children at the 300-acre estate she and her husband rent in Rockville, Md.


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