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President Kennedy’s Upcoming Out-of-Town Schedule

Oct. 4, 1963 - President Kennedy (pictured yesterday at Little Rock Air Force Base), just back from a one-day trip to Arkansas, has at least five out-of-town trips scheduled before the end of November. The next one, the White House announced today, is a visit Oct. 19 to Boston for a state Democratic dinner. Another political expedition will take Mr. Kennedy to Texas Nov. 21 and 22. Governor John Connally of Texas visited the President today. He said he had told Mr. Kennedy that the Chief Executive would face a difficult race in Texas next year, “but I think he’ll carry it.” There are three other trips on the schedule without any overt political tones. He is to go to Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., Oct. 26 to participate in ceremonies for the Robert Frost Memorial Library. On Nov. 8, Mr. Kennedy is to be honored at a testimonial dinner given by the Protestant Council of New York. On Nov. 18, the President has a date to address the Florida Chamber of Commerce at Tampa in the afternoon and the Inter-American Press Association in Miami that night.


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