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President Kennedy Receives Raucous Welcome in Mexico

June 29, 1962 - President Kennedy received a tumultuous welcome to Mexico today. The crowds lining the President’s nine-mile route from the International Airport to Mexico City made up what was called the largest reception Mr. Kennedy had ever received. It appeared that at least 1 million persons had turned out. Long-time foreign residents in Mexico City said they had never seen anything like it. The ride from the airport to Los Pinos, the residence of Mexican President Lopez Mateos, took one hour and eighteen minutes. At no point was there one untoward incident or anti-Kennedy or anti-American sign. The two Presidents rode from the airport in an open car and stood up the whole way, smiling and waving acknowledgement of the cheers. Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Mateos, the Mexican President’s wife, rode in a closed limousine, three cars behind the car of their husbands. Seemingly everywhere — on the walls of buildings, in store windows, on trees and fences and the balconies of the poorest homes — there were color pictures of President Kennedy.


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