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President Kennedy Observes the Senators Top the Tigers

Apr. 9, 1962 - The Washington Senators, whose 61-101 record last season prompted the adoption of “a better view in ’62” as their slogan for the year, will find it hard to improve on the vantage point they earned today. Impressing 44,383 fans, including President Kennedy, the Senators opened the 1962 American League season with a 4-1 victory over the Tigers. Bennie Daniels, a sinkerball pitcher, gave only five hits in moving the Senators into first place in the league — a position they are not expected to hold for long. The Senators tied with the Athletics for last place in 1961; the Tigers finished second. Their game today was the only one in the American League. In the National League, the Phillies defeated the defending National League champion Reds, 12-4, in Cincinnati.


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