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President Kennedy Meets 24 Blind Teenagers

July 27, 1962 - Twenty-four awe-struck blind teenagers from Los Angeles got a description of the White House grounds and nearby monuments from President Kennedy today. The President left his office to shake hands with the students and to speak to them briefly. He started by telling them they were in the White House garden and gave them some details of it. “You’re all very welcome in this garden,” he said. Ricky Plath, 13, of Burbank, wanted to ask Mr. Kennedy a question and raised his hand. The President, realizing that Ricky could not see him if he pointed, walked over and touched the boy’s fingers. Ricky then asked: “Are you going to run for office again?” Mr. Kennedy grinned and said, “Well, I’m thinking about it.” The students are on a 10-week tour of historical sites. The tour is sponsored by the Foundation for Junior Blind in Los Angeles, a Lions Club project.


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