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President Kennedy Makes T.V. and Radio Address

July 26, 1963 - President Kennedy, speaking to the nation tonight in a “spirit of hope,” described the treaty for a limited nuclear test ban as a “victory for mankind” in its pursuit of peace. The treaty, initialed in Moscow yesterday by representatives of the U.S., the Soviet Union, and Britain, would ban nuclear tests in the atmosphere, in space, and under water. Describing the agreement as a “shaft of light cut into the darkness” of cold war discords and tensions, Mr. Kennedy nonetheless warned that it “will not resolve all conflicts or cause the Communists to forego their ambitions or eliminate the dangers of war.” “It will not reduce the need for arms or allies or programs of assistance to others,” the President said. “But it is an important first step — a step toward peace, a step toward reason, a step away from war.” The President appeared on all three national television networks, and his words were heard on four radio networks. He spoke from his office in the West Executive Wing of the White House.


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