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President Kennedy Honors the U.S. Children's Bureau

Apr. 9, 1962 - President Kennedy challenged adults today to continue trying to make the U.S. “a happy nursery” for children. The President spoke at the opening of a day-long 50th birthday party for the U.S. Children’s Bureau, a pioneer in advancing the well-being of children. The bureau was created during the Administration of President Taft. It is now an arm of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, headed by Secretary Abraham A. Ribicoff. Mr. Kennedy was smiling when he told the more than 1,000 party-goers in the Statler Hilton Hotel: “This is a double birthday party today. The Children’s Bureau is 50 years old and so is Secretary Ribicoff. This is an awkward birthday for the Secretary because he is too young to retire and too old to be President.” Mr. Ribicoff actually marked his 52nd birthday today. He is expected to leave his Cabinet post to seek a Senate seat from Connecticut this fall.


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