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President Kennedy Hails "New Era of Friendship" with Mexico

June 30, 1962 - President Kennedy and President Adolfo Lopez Mateos declared today that a “new era of understanding and friendship” had been reached between the U.S. and Mexico. The statement was made in a joint communiqué issued as Mr. Kennedy continued his triumphant state visit to Mexico. It followed three conferences between the two leaders, the last of which was held this morning. On the question that had caused major friction between the two countries — namely, how to deal with the regime of Premier Fidel Castro of Cuba — both U.S. and Mexican officials said there had been no major change in positions. Mexico was still adhering to her original position of steadfastly opposing the exclusion of Cuba from the affairs of the Organization of American States. While Mexico has shared the view that the Socialist ideology of Cuba is “incompatible” with democratic principles, she has insisted that the Organization does not have adequate machinery in its charter to expel a member.


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