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President Kennedy Greets Members of Girls’ Nation

Aug. 2, 1963 - President Kennedy greeted 100 members of Girls’ Nation today and avoided any controversy by telling them merely that they were “more beautiful than the governors.” Under the sponsorship of the American Legion Auxiliary, the girls are winding up mock political and legislative sessions. Mr. Kennedy received them in the White House rose garden after they toured the mansion. Smiling broadly, the President told them that last week, representatives of Boys’ Nation were in Washington, and he had told the boys they had shown more initiative than the governors who were holding their annual convention at that time in Miami Beach. “It got me into a great deal of difficulty,” Mr. Kennedy said today, “so I’ll be very careful and say you are more beautiful than the governors.” He urged the girls to find some time, while bringing up their families, to give to their communities, states, and country. The girls gave Mr. Kennedy a certificate of honorary membership in their organization, and he said he was happy to have it. At the end, they broke into their Girls’ Nation song. The President pronounced the effort “very good.”


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