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President Kennedy Gearing Up for 1964 Election

Jan. 6, 1963 - It’s never too early to run for President, and there were unmistakable signs last week that the two favorites for 1964 were on the mark, getting set, and ready to go. President Kennedy, the surest bet for the Democratic nomination since Franklin Roosevelt in 1936, was keeping mum, but authoritative sources indicated that he was already thinking about the 1964 campaign. Nelson A. Rockefeller, inaugurated last week for his second term as Governor of New York, continued his creeping envelopment of the Republican conservative wing — a bit of political flankmanship he has been carrying out since his liberalism helped knock him out of the running for the 1960 Republican nomination. President Kennedy has no intention of giving Governor Rockefeller a great leap forward by singling him out as his potential opponent, but preparations are afoot among his political advisers for a campaign against the Governor. The only other potential Republican contender in sight is Senator Barry M. Goldwater, the conservative apostle — but he is believed to have tough going ahead in winning the support of enough party elements to yield him a national nomination.


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