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President Kennedy and Prime Minister Macmillan Discuss s Treaty

June 29, 1963 - President Kennedy and Prime Minister Macmillan began a detailed discussion today on how the U.S. and Britain will conduct next month’s negotiations in Moscow for a nuclear test-ban treaty. The two men met alone for 90 minutes in the library of Mr. Macmillan’s home, immediately after arriving there from Gatwick Airport. They ended their private talk to dine with a group that included Secretary of State Dean Rusk and the Earl of Home, Britain’s Foreign Secretary. Harold Evans, the Prime Minister’s spokesman, said the discussions after dinner, in which the two foreign ministers joined, were devoted almost exclusively to the test-ban issue. The attention given to this issue seemed to indicate renewed hope that the Moscow negotiations might have a better chance than was believed possible when they were arranged earlier this month. The belief of both U.S. and British officials is that, as the conflict with China grows worse, Premier Khrushchev is becoming more eager for some kind of accord with the West.


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