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President Celebrates Second Anniversary of Inauguration

Jan. 18, 1963 - In Washington D.C. tonight, President Kennedy told Democrats that some day America will reach the top of the hill and “I hope they will say we have done our part.” This was a solemn note from the chief executive at the close of an evening of festivity. The party loyal, including top-bracket Democrats from across the country, turned out to salute the President and the second anniversary of his inauguration. First there was a $1,000-a-plate dinner, where the President and Mrs. Kennedy spent an hour. Then there was a gala at the National Guard Armory, where nearly 6,000 Democrats and the Kennedys were entertained by stars of show business. The paying customers at the dinner including persons ranging from Yankee slugger Mickey Mantle to Mike Mansfield, Senate Democratic leader. For their $1,000 the diners got a dinner that would cost about $25. In deference to the President and the Friday night date, filet of Dover sole was the main course.


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