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President and Aides Confident about Prospects for Re-Election

Oct. 5, 1963 - President Kennedy and his top political aides are reasonably optimistic about his prospects for re-election. They reached that conclusion after expeditions into the West and South, where Mr. Kennedy’s toughest political opposition is centered. On the schedule for the fall are several other Presidential trips, few of them overtly political. But all of them will put high premium on Mr. Kennedy’s most valuable assets: his great personal attraction and his position as head of a Government that is increasingly the most important factor in the economic life of the nation. By the end of November, Mr. Kennedy will have spoken, shaken hands, and pointed to his Administration’s achievements in visits to Massachusetts, New York, Florida, and Texas. A stop in Northern California, where he has seldom visited, is in prospect for December. These trips will reflect the quickening political pace at which Mr. Kennedy will be moving between now and November 1964, when he and his aides confidently expect him to be elected to a second term.


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