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Peru Shakes Up Military Junta

Mar. 3, 1963 - Peru shook up its ruling military junta today and put in top command a tough general considered anti-Communist and friendly to the U.S. Gen. Ricardo Perez Godoy (pictured left in light coat), senior member of the junta that seized power eight months ago, was ousted on charges of trying to make himself a dictator. The charge came from Gen. Nicolas Lindley Lopez, who emerged as the new leader of the junta in a bloodless squabble among the nation’s military bosses. “We did not overthrow the government last July to enthrone Perez Godoy as dictator,” said Lopez. Lopez insisted the crisis was a matter of personalities within the junta and that elections for a government to replace the junta would be held on schedule June 9. A crowd assembled outside the national palace while the military leaders met within, and riot squads and a water hose truck were summoned to guard against disorders. But they were not needed.


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