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On Sale Now: “The Miracles Doin' Mickey's Monkey”

Nov. 11, 1963 - On sale today is “The Miracles Doin' Mickey's Monkey,” a long-playing album by The Miracles. It includes the group’s Top 10 smash single “Mickey’s Monkey,” written and produced by Holland-Dozier-Holland. “Mickey’s Monkey” has popularized “The Monkey” as a novelty dance. Here is how “The Monkey” is performed.

— Taking a fighter's crouch, face your partner and stand with feet apart, knees bent. Bend arms and close fists, thumbs up.

— Bend forward from waist to the left, raising right arm. As your body bobs, your head also bobs forward on each count. The whole effect is jerky.

— Straighten up to original position.

— Bend forward from waist toward your partner, facing center, switching arms as you do so.

— Straighten to original position. Hands and head should give the impression of a monkey holding two bananas.

— Bend forward from waist to the right. Straighten to original position.

— Bob back to center, bending at waist and again switching hands.

— Repeat entire pattern. Counts are double time, hitting every accent in the music.


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