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Officer Tippit’s Widow Begins New Life

Nov. 26, 1963 - Mrs. Marie Tippit, the 39-year-old widow of the patrolman slain last Friday in trying to seize the President’s accused assassin, held back tears today and sought to gather her family together to begin a new life. “I could never have made it if it weren’t for the neighbors and the other people,” said Mrs. Tippit. “I never realized people could be so good.” She spoke in the dining room of her small brick home on the southern edge of Dallas. But the words came hard. “The neighbors have the children,” she said. “I thought about trying to send them back to school today. But Allen [the eldest] took it so hard, I couldn’t send him back yet. Maybe Monday.” The others are Brenda, 10, and Curtis Ray, 4. Neighbors and relatives are still at the Tippit home, doing what they can. “They’ve done everything since Friday,” Mrs. Tippit said. “They’ve brought food, cleaned the house and washed the dishes, they’ve kept the children. The people have made it bearable.” Patrolman Tippit left no insurance. The only income for the family will be $225 a month from the policemen’s retirement fund. But funds have been sent from all over the country. The Dallas police have so far received more than $2,500. The Dallas Times-Herald said its morning mail alone had included $1,048 for the family. The Dallas Morning News was also collecting donations. Other funds for the Tippit family have been set up in New Jersey, Michigan, and Arkansas.


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