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Nixon: Senate Will Approve Test Ban Treaty

July 28, 1963 - Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon (pictured at the Elysée Presidential Palace in Paris) predicted today that the Senate will “overwhelmingly” approve the nuclear test ban treaty. But he urged Republicans to ensure that it neither weakens NATO nor grants recognition to Communist East Germany. “My reaction to East Germany and to the whole of Eastern Europe is that it is one huge ghetto in which millions of people are denied the right to leave the country in which they live, denied the right to demonstrate, and denied the right to vote about their status. The conscience of the Western world must be shocked into a greater awareness of this terrible condition.” Nixon said that aside from meeting with President DeGaulle, his main purpose in Paris is to show his wife and daughters the city. “Mrs. Nixon has been in 58 countries with me — but never to Paris,” he remarked.


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