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Nixon Downplays “Kooks” in GOP

July 16, 1963 - Former Vice President Nixon said today that the extreme right wing could hurt the Republican party, but he expressed doubt it could gain control of the GOP. “It’s true that the extreme right wing — the nuts or the kooks, as we call them in California — can make plenty of trouble for us as they did for me in California.” The party’s right wing, he said, “is potent, noisy, and well-financed.” But, he said, “I do not think they will dominate the convention next year.” Mr. Nixon said the “extreme right wing is behind Senator Goldwater now, but I do not think he is one of them.” Mr. Nixon said some extreme right wingers regard the Arizona Senator as “too liberal.” As for his own role, Mr. Nixon said: “All those who will be candidates will have to declare themselves within three months, and then I’ll be able to throw my support to the man I believe can do the best job. I definitely will not declare myself a candidate.” Mr. Nixon was on the way from Switzerland to Hungary with his family on an extensive European tour.


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