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New Marilyn Monroe Movie Faces Delays

Jan. 20, 1962 - Twentieth Century-Fox would like to be able to say with certainty that its new Marilyn Monroe movie, “Something’s Got to Give,” will start shooting in February. But this is unlikely. Shooting of the film already has been scheduled a couple of times and has encountered serious trouble. The original producer, David Brown, has withdrawn and been replaced by Henry T. Weinstein, and the script is in the process of overhaul — in short, the usual storms that accompany most films starring Miss Monroe. Whether the star is being temperamental or a perfectionist depends on the point of view. This picture is the last of a series Miss Monroe owes to Fox at what is, for her, the piddling fee of $100,000. She can get more anywhere else. While waiting for the Monroe film to start, Fox cameras will be working on “Five Weeks in a Balloon,” starring Fabian.


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