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Navy Unveils “SEAL” Guerrilla Force

Feb. 21, 1963 - The Navy today officially unveiled its new and formerly top-secret guerrilla force which is already training on the beaches of the Communist-threatened Caribbean for the possibility of invasion of hostile coastlines. Service leaders contend that the units, known as SEALs for their ability to operate on sea, air, or land, are preparing for unconventional warfare in any part of the world. Their abilities along those lines, including sudden parachute drops and silent underwater approaches to the beach, were disclosed to the public for the first time in exercises this morning in St. Thomas, The Virgin Islands. It is no coincidence that the SEALs are undergoing training on this semitropical island 700 miles east of Communist Cuba in the Caribbean archipelago that extends from Florida to South America. President Kennedy warned last week of a grave Communist threat to Latin America, and he promised high priority attention to a counter-effort in the hemisphere this winter.


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