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Mrs. Kennedy Goes Home

Aug. 14, 1963 - Hand in hand, President and Mrs. Kennedy left the hospital today where their third child was born just a week ago. The Chief Executive took the First Lady by helicopter from Otis Air Force Base to their summer home on Squaw Island, where Mrs. Kennedy will continue her convalescence from the emergency birth. Her doctor, John W. Walsh, relayed word that she has made “a very satisfactory recover,” but ordered her to “curtail all of her activities and not undertake an official schedule until after the first of the year.” Patrick Bouvier Kennedy was born to her 5½ weeks prematurely and died less than two days later. Something of the strain and sorrow showed on the faces of the President and Mrs. Kennedy. “Careful,” the President said when his wife looked down a bit hesitantly at two stone steps outside the doorway of the military hospital at Otis Field. The two clutched hands all the way — down the steps, out the walk, and up to a blue limousine. Mr. Kennedy helped his wife inside. At the car door, she smiled slightly, and they drove off to a take-off pad to fly to Squaw Island. It was a touching scene for scores of onlookers who talked in undertones and refrained from the applause which usually greets the President and First Lady. On the basis of what her doctor directed, Mrs. Kennedy will be making few official appearances before she and her husband fulfill plans to go to Italy early in 1964.


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