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Mrs. Kennedy Dines in Capri

Aug. 14, 1962 - Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy (pictured with her sister Lee Radziwill) dined in a villa garden in Capri today while three singers crooned ballads to the accompaniment of mandolins and guitars. The dinner was served at Villa Vivara, a gleaming white summer estate owned by Count Silvio Del Cascello and his wife, fashion designer Irene Galitzine. After the meal, Mrs. Kennedy and several of the party when to the town of Capri and strolled across the famous Piazzetta. The First Lady had resorted to an elaborate strategy yesterday to get away from her vacation retreat at Ravello, 20 miles northeast of Capri. She left Ravello by speedboat and arrived at Capri with Princess Irene aboard the yacht Agnetti. The yacht and speedboat rendeezvoused at sea. Jackie’s daughter, Caroline, 4, was left at Ravello. She indicated her displeasure by making angry faces.


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