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Movies: Truffaut's "Jules and Jim"

Feb. 27, 1962 - “Jules and Jim,” a new French film teaming the “New Wave’s” leading dramatic actress, Jeanne Moreau (pictured right with Oskar Werner), with one of its most gifted young directors, Francois Truffaut, will be released in New York this spring. The film is currently playing in three Parisian theatres, after opening last month to enthusiastic critical praise. This is the third film by the 31-year-old director, who won the New York Film Critics award for his first feature, “The 400 Blows.” His second, “Shoot the Piano Player,” is due for release in New York next month. He produced and wrote the adaptation for the new film, from a tragicomic World War I novel by Henri Pierre Roche. “Jules and Jim” deals with a pair of close friends, an Austrian and a Frenchman, who fall in love simultaneously with a young woman whom Truffaut has described as “a personification of the restless liberated female of the modern age.” She marries the Austrian and takes the Frenchman as her lover, with tragic consequences.


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