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Movies: "Son of Flubber"

May 4, 1962 - A football game has been going on intermittently for several days on a turf-covered field laid out in one of the largest movie soundstages in Burbank at the Walt Disney Studios. It is the game between two fictitious colleges that will be a high point in the Disney comedy “Son of Flubber,” which goes before the cameras on Monday with Fred MacMurray and Nancy Olsen as stars. The unusual thing about the game is that the key players fly because their uniforms are presumably inflated with “flubber gas.” “Son of Flubber” is a sequel to “The Absent-Minded Professor,” a Disney hit of last year, in which the comedy twist was the invention of a miracle substance that made instant flight possible. In the pre-production filming of the football sequences, the actors have been whirled up and down the field by wires suspended from the top of the soundstage or hanging from a large movable crane. Conventional stock shots of an actual football game to match up with these trick sequences were shot last fall on a nearby high school football field.


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