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Movies: Orson Welles' "The Trial"

Apr. 14, 1962 - Orson Welles has taken up directorial duties once again. He is both before and behind the camera in Paris for his personal adaptation of Franz Kafka’s novel “The Trial.” Unlike such previous Welles directing-starring ventures as “Citizen Kane” and “Othello,” Mr. Welles is confining his acting to an incidental role to concentrate upon his off-screen duties. The leading acting assignments in the avant-garde nightmare about a man on trial for an unidentified crime are being played by Anthony Perkins, as the bewildered hero, Joseph K., and Jeanne Moreau, who is portraying the adulterous wife of a custodian of the court. The cast members are taking salaries well below their usual standards so that the budget for the independent drama may be kept to a minimum.

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