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Movies: Howard Hawks Retrospective at Museum of Modern Art

Apr. 30, 1962 - Howard Hawks (pictured in 1958 with Angie Dickinson), one of the most successful action directors in American films, will be the subject of a summer “retrospect series” at the Museum of Modern Art. The chronological series, running from May 31 through Sept. 1, will present 27 of the director’s 35 productions. It was arranged to coincide with the summer release of Mr. Hawks’ latest film, the African wild-game comedy “Hatari!” Peter Bogdanovich, who organized the series, has prepared an illustrated monograph for publication by the museum this summer, which presents the director as the clearest example of the “Hemingway personality” in American films. Among the features to be shown are “Rio Bravo,” “Bringing Up Baby,” “Twentieth Century,” “I Was a Male War Bride,” “Only Angels Have Wings,” and “Sergeant York.


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