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Movies: Godard's "Vivre sa Vie" ("Her Life to Live")

Apr. 21, 1962 - Shooting in the streets of Paris, in people’s apartments, and in his own apartment is Jean-Luc Godard, at work on his fourth film, “Vivre sa Vie” (“Her Life to Live”). The film features, as did his last two films, his wife, Anna Karina. In the picture, she plays a Paris salesgirl who little by little becomes a prostitute. The point of the story, according to Godard, is that though his heroine may prostitute her body, she keeps her soul intact. The film, which is budgeted at $40,000, is told through 12 “episodes,” each preceded by a written intertitle. One of the film's original sources is a study of contemporary prostitution, “Où en est la prostitution,” by Marcel Sacotte, an examining magistrate.


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