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Movies: "Days of Wine and Roses" Currently in Production

Apr. 7, 1962 - Currently before the Warner Brothers cameras is “Days of Wine and Roses,” a dramatization of a young married couple’s descent into alcoholism, starring Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick. Blake Edwards is directing the film from a screenplay by J.P. Miller, who adapted it from his original “Playhouse 90” television play starring Piper Laurie and Cliff Robertson. “This is a hell of a story,” Mr. Lemmon said today. “When I think of some of the scenes I’m going to be doing later on — the D.T.’s and the straitjacket, the whole bit — I start sweating.” “Days of Wine and Roses” is a switch for Lemmon from comedy roles in films such as “The Apartment” and “Some Like it Hot.” Similarly, it is a change of pace for Edwards, who is best known for comedies and melodramas such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Peter Gunn.”

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