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Movies: Bette Davis To Star in "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"

Mar. 13, 1962 - Bette Davis, one of the stars of “The Night of the Iguana,” is bowing out of the Tennessee Williams play. She will be replaced on April 4 by Shelley Winters. Miss Davis denied reports today that she was withdrawing because of any quarrel with management or a cast member. “There are always reports,” she said, “from the day you start with a show.” “I feel that I have done it long enough,” she said. “I don’t want to go on for another six months. I’m going to rest and walk in the country for about a hundred miles a day.” The actress said that she would be leaving for California in June to make a picture. Miss Davis said that the film, called “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?,” will be directed by Robert Aldrich. She said that Joan Crawford had been mentioned as a co-star.


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