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Movies: 20th Century-Fox Postpones "The Greatest Story Ever Told"

Aug. 31, 1961 - Twentieth Century-Fox has "indefinitely postponed" its multimillion dollar production of "The Greatest Story Ever Told," Spyros P. Skouras, president of Fox, said today. Mr. Skouras declined to give a reason for the postponement. One probable conflict is a rival film based on the life of Jesus, "King of Kings," which MGM will release in October. It is understood that more than $3 million had already been spent on "The Greatest Story." Max von Sydow, Swedish actor, had been signed to play the role of Jesus, with Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy, Alec Guinness, John Wayne, and Sidney Poitier announced for other roles. Mr. Skouras said the company would proceed with its two other major productions, "The Longest Day," now shooting in France, and "Cleopatra."


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