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Most Americans See No Protection Against Nuclear 'Super-Bomb'

Sept. 2, 1961 - If the respondents to a New York Times survey are typical, Americans feel that protection against a Russian super-bomb at this time is virtually hopeless. Some of those interviewed felt that instant death was preferable to survival in a world of horror. Leo Bienvenu, an engineer in Westport, Conn., said: "I think building a bomb shelter is useless. I'd rather see my wife and two children killed outright than starve to death because every living thing would be contaminated. They couldn't even eat grass." Jim Hulme, bank teller, said: "I live in an apartment. Where could I go? The only thing I could do would be to run to the basement or under the bomb when it falls. Get it over with quick." Pat Greiner, a secretary, said: "I live in a residence hotel and there's absolutely nothing I could do if a bomb should fall. It's hot this Labor Day weekend and I'm going to just forget everything."


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