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Millions Pledged for JFK Library

Mar. 4, 1964 - Fourteen noted architects in this country and abroad will serve on a design advisory committee for the John F. Kennedy library in Boston, the President’s widow announced today.

About $4.3 million has been pledged toward the $10 million library. This includes 18,727 unsolicited gifts from the public, most of them in small amounts.

The unusual oral history program planned for the library got under way this week. Interviewers began recording tape reminiscences of Mrs. Kennedy (pictured earlier at the Pan American Union) today and of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, the late President’s brother, last Sunday.

These two members of the family and Senator Edward M. Kennedy, another brother, met today with 25 Latin-American ambassadors to the U.S. and to the Organization of American States. They discussed the library plans and the role the Latin countries might play in them.

Venezuela pledged $100,000 today, and Attorney General Kennedy read today a telegram from Governor Luis Munoz Marin of Puerto Rico offering another $100,000.


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