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Man Who Filmed Kennedy Assassination Donates Profits to Tippit Family

Nov. 27, 1963 - The man who received $25,000 for his color movie films of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination gave the entire sum today to the family of Patrolman J.D. Tippit, slain by the man accused as the assassin of the President. Abraham Zapruder (right), a Dallas garment manufacturer, gave the $25,000 he received from Life magazine through the Dallas Times Herald’s fund for the Tippits. Mr. Zapruder, filming the Presidential motorcade, recorded the exact instant the President was shot. Then, sobbing, his fingers slipped from the camera. “I had intended for these films to be home movies for the future enjoyment of my family and friends. Now, from the revenue that has been offered for such a significant film, I wish to contribute to the well-being and future of the family that lost a very brave and gallant husband and father.” In related news, Walter Annenberg, publisher of The Philadelphia Inquirer, said today he would pay off the $12,217 mortgage on the home of J.D. Tippit.


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